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We offer a complete set of insurance coverages for your car and your family. Once you get a quote, we recommend the best possible set of coverages that will work perfectly for your exact needs

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Quick and Easy Auto Insurance

At DeOliveira Insurance Services Inc., we provide a variety of auto insurance coverages to keep you safe on the road. Our coverages include damage to your car as well as third-party auto insurance to cover damages to cars you may have effected in the accident.

Cashless Settlements

This coverage includes cashless settlements if unfortunately, your auto gets into an accident. We make sure that all damages are settled at your end as well as the receiving end.


Easy Installments

Save time and money with electronic fund transfers. Automatically pay your insurance, via a credit card or your checking account, and save money on billing fees, and get lower installment payments. Before you pay a large deposit, for your next policy call DeOliveira insurance.

No Hidden Fee

It is our goal to get you the best quote, at the best price, with no hidden fees or prices changes. With the right information we will always get the right quote the first time. We want to create convenience for our clients which means no trickery on our end.


Quick & Easy Process

With DeOliveira Insurance Inc., you won’t have to wait in queues to talk to a person for a quote or wait days for your claim to materialize. Our carriers provide 24/7 claims reporting, and thru our special relationships extends customer service hours, for general service, even on the weekend.

Accident Shield

We know that being in an accident is a very stressful time. We help you first by being a concerned listening ear, and then by providing accurate solutions so you can stay carefree as far as money matters are concerned. When you insure with us, and get the proper rental car coverage, decreasing deductible, and accident forgiveness, we can safely say…everything is going to be ok.


24/7 Claims Support

Our dedicated team of Customer Service Representatives are here to help navigate you through the claims process. Ours carriers all offer 27/7 claim reporting. Many use mobile app technology to file claims and send photos, of damage to get you in paid in as little as 3 days.

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