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Home Insurance Coverage Policy

At DeOliveiria Insurance we offer comprehensive options on coverages for the protection of your home and family. Use our instant quote feature below to receive an instant and simple homeowners quote with just your name and address. It will calculate your minimum property insurance requirement from one of our A-Rated carriers and will recommend the required coverage amount to purchase. This carrier provides liability coverage for most dogs, swimming pools, and even trampolines for your primary home.  Please contact us to review other options and ensure you have the best levels of coverage for your needs, as we have several other options that may be a better option for you. Don't go it alone, we are here to help...It's What We Do! 

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How Our Coverages Protect You

Being on Cape Cod, we have special needs as homeowners. We are partnered with companies who specialize in coastal properties, giving you the coverage you need, for your particular risks.

 Let us design a policy that gives you the best coverage, price,, and deductibles, especially for wind, to protect your home and your're out of pocket cost. Our policies include protections, such as; replacement cost for your home, coverage for other structures, as well as liability for any claims against you. There are many additional coverage options that may be available to help protect you and your home. Please contact us to review.


Vacation Property Rental

Did you know most insurance companies do NOT cover homeowner's for the use of their properties through Airbnb, Vrbo, and similar online home-sharing sites? And those that do have limits. Do you know your limits? If you do not, then you are probably not covered. We offer several options for home-sharing properties, to protect you in the event of someone been injured while on your property. Home-sharing sites do not provide coverage for bodily injury liability, and most homeowner policies can and will cancel once home-sharing is discovered. Don't wait until the worst has happened to find out you are not covered call us today for a review of your policies.....Remember, if you're not sure, then your not insured.

House and Other Structures

Our homeowner policies will cover the cost to repair or entirely rebuild your property including attached and de-attached structures such as decks, porches, pools, and sheds, to replacement cost, when selected.


Hotel and Living Expenses

We also cover hotel stays and meals in our home coverage while you wait out the renovation or reconstruction of your house. We will calculate your average grocery expenditure and equal it to keep your meals and family needs running smoothly.

Lawsuits (Liability)

Our liability coverage includes injury lawsuits and property damages. For instance, if a pedestrian is injured on your property or if your children ruin a friend’s expensive piece of artwork and you get sued, this will cover the legal fees and the damages. You may also add coverage for slander, libel and various lawsuits.

Personal Belongings

Your homeowners insurance covers your personal belongings such as appliances, tools, electronics, clothes, furniture and power equipment among other things. You may also add special coverage for your higher value belongings such as jewelry, pieces of artwork, unique collections, and antiques. Contact us to discuss these items or to add these to your policy if they are not already scheduled.

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