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Your Purpose Becomes Our Purpose As We Ensure Your Financial Security

We believe in creating connections with our clients. Our philosophy is to get to know you and stay in contact to ensure we are meeting your ever changing needs. As independent brokers, we have a variety of insurance carriers, which allows us to find the right fit for you in terms of coverage and price. As your needs change, so should your policy.

Bundle Home and Auto Insurance

Saving You Thousands On Out-of-Pocket Costs, and Hundreds or More On Your Insurance Bill.

Our specialized home insurance options offer comprehensive coverage to protect your home and keep your family safe. We will assess your property and calculate the proper replacement cost, so that you are not over or under insured.

Repair Damage

Replace Property

Save On Out-of-Pocket Cost

DeOliveira AutoSafe Insurance

Our comprehensive auto insurance plans ensure you are covered properly incase of unfortunate circumstances. Our plans include benefits like accident forgiveness, decreasing deductible, and trip interruption, to protect your pocketbook, before and after a claim. With this peace of mind, whether you’re taking a casual drive or a long road trip, you can do so without worry.

Repair Damage

Accident Forgiveness

Decreasing Deductible

DeOliveira BizSafe Insurance

From startups to large corporations, contractors and tradesman, to restaurants and main street storefronts, we offer flexible options, designed to meet your particular need. We have the latest technology coverage, to protect your business from cyber, and data breach losses. Whether you're a mom and pop diner or an accounting firm, cyber is the new pickpocket. Hackers are more efficient than ever and can cripple any business. Are you protected?

Repair Damages

Pay As You Go Billing

Cyber Protection


Why Choose Us

Our Solutions Are Tailormade For You!

We are here to offer solutions that work best for you. We are The Coastal Home Insurance Specialists. Being on Cape Cod, we have special needs as homeowners. We believe in evaluating your risk before just giving you a price. Our preemptive thinking helps us to keep our clientele safe and protected. DeOliveira Insurance Services Inc. strives to stay one step ahead. We are vested in providing the best to our clients, ensuring your success...It's what we do!


Expert Advisors

We have licensed and certified members of our team, who are here to help solve your problems, as if they were their own.  


Trusted Carriers

As a Trusted Choice ® agent, we work with reliable and trustworthy carriers to ensure peace of mind.


Instant Process

We have the technology to make the insurance buying process, simple and efficient. Most policies can be purchased right over the phone, electronically signed, and issued instantly! 


Award Winners

We have received various awards in our industry for sales and service. Returning clients are what we value the most. 

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